Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Perfect Bridal Perfume

After your wedding day, the scent you wear will evoke fond memories for both you and your husband, so it’s only natural that you will want to choose the perfect perfume.

Consider whether you want a brand new perfume, kept especially for your wedding day, one that you have worn before, or the fragrance you always wear. Would you like to wear a scent you know your husband-to-be really loves or one that reminds him of you? You could choose the perfume you wore on your first date or on the day of the proposal. Whatever fragrance you spritz, here are our top ways to choose the one…

In the same way that you should opt for relatively natural makeup so that you still look like you, you want to smell like you too. If you’re choosing a new perfume, find one that’s not totally different to what you’d usually wear, so that even though you’ll smell different, you’ll still smell like you to your husband. Take inspiration from the perfumes you have worn before and see if there is an ingredient that keeps appearing so that you can find a new fragrance with similar notes.

With connotations of love, romance and femininity, light and floral scents are a great choice for your wedding day. Look to fragrances with floral notes first if you are opting for a brand new perfume for the big day

It has been said that your perfume scent should be closely linked to your wardrobe. Do you favour minimalist designs? Seek out a citrus perfume. If your clothes are romantic and feminine, find something floral. If your wardrobe is glamorous you will be drawn to woody scents. And, for the daring, fashion forward lady, try oriental or musk scents. Match your scent to your chosen wedding dress and you can’t go wrong!

Try not to go crazy when spritzing your testers – after a handful of sprays they start to mix, making it hard to determine which ones you actually like. Leave the perfume on the tester for an hour or so and then come back to it after the scent has settled to see if you still like it. Return to test the perfume again on a different day once you’ve whittled down your choices.

Make sure you test the chosen perfume on your skin before the big day. You might really love a fragrance from the bottle but it will react with your skin and smell slightly differently when worn.

Consider the season that you’re getting married in. Opt for a fresh and light scent for spring or summer nuptials and a heavier scent such as a musk or a woody fragrance for autumn or winter weddings.

Wear a couple of different scents in the run up to the big day to see which ones your partner likes best. You will want him to like the fragrance too. This will also give you the chance to make sure that your perfume and his aftershave marry well together.

When you’ve decided, buy the chosen perfume in a gift set that comes with a scented moisturiser. To make your fragrance last longer, use the accompanying moisturiser first. Let it dry into your skin and then spray your perfume onto your pulse points. And, to help your scent last all day long, just ask your bridesmaids to carry your chosen perfume in their bags so that they can top you up during the day.

Wear your chosen perfume at your final dress fitting so that the scent will be reminiscent of your complete wedding experience.

Choose a second perfume for your evening celebration, using a light and romantic fragrance for the day and a heavier, slightly more potent fragrance at the evening reception. Remember to go for two scents that complement each other, perhaps from the same brand, so that the undertones are similar. Alternatively, wear the eau de toilette version of the perfume during the day to keep the scent light and then top it up with the eau de parfum later in the evening for a fragrance that is more intense.

If you’re after more tried and tested advice on choosing your bridal perfume, take a look at the top five wedding day perfumes worn by real brides. Who say’s your wedding scent can’t be your something borrowed after all?