The Post-Lockdown Wedding Rules

As lockdown measures ease on the 4th July, weddings and civil ceremonies will be able to take place, but you’ll have to adhere to these new lockdown wedding rules.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, we’ve been speculating the fate of the wedding industry and trying to predict what weddings after COVID-19 will look like. The latest ease in lockdown measures (coming into effect on 4th July) will see the ban on weddings and civil ceremonies lifted. But there are some post-lockdown wedding rules you’ll need to stick to.

If you’ve already had to postpone your wedding and have a new date in the pipeline, or your big day has always been set for summer 2020, you might be tying the knot sooner than previously suggested. However, while you can rejoice in the fact your wedding day may be just around the corner, there’s quite a hefty list of lockdown wedding rules you’ll need to stick to, and the big day you imagined could still be quite a long way off.

The Post-Lockdown Wedding Rules

As the Prime Minister has given permission for weddings and civil ceremonies to take place from Saturday 4th July, these are the lockdown wedding rules you’ll need to follow.

  • Only 30 people in total allowed to attend the ceremony
  • Indoor receptions limited to two households
  • Outdoor receptions can have six people from different households
  • Social distancing: members of the different households will have to adhere to the new 1m social distancing measures.
  • Father’s cannot walk their daughters arm-in-arm down the aisle (if they’re in different households)
  • Couples need to wash their hands after exchanging rings
  • No food or drink to be served or consumed
  • No singing
  • No using instruments that need to be blown into
  • Organs are allowed but need to be cleaned before use
  • Spoken vows and readings to ‘not be in a raised voice’

What the new Lockdown Wedding Rules Mean

Although the easing of lockdown measures has meant many brides and grooms-to-be can move ahead with their wedding plans in the UK from the 4th July, these new rules will have a huge affect on how your wedding day will run and what it will look like.

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Social Distancing at Weddings in Lockdown

After initially enforcing a full-on ban on all weddings and ceremonies on 23rd March 2020, from next week weddings will be permitted in England. However, as some lockdown measures and social distancing are still being enforced, you’re big day will look very different.

Be aware that these new social distancing rules in particular may takeaway some of the intimate moments you should treasure from your wedding. For example fathers will not be able to walk their daughters down the aisle arm-in-arm and hugs of congratulations from members of another household will be discouraged.

This may also mean big changes to the layout of your venue and order of the day.

More Ceremony Rules

During the wedding ceremony singing in groups is not permitted, nor are any instruments which require the user to blow into them. You will also need to ensure any speeches, readings or vows avoid any raised voices.

When it comes to food and drink at your wedding, serving or consuming is not permitted unless under exceptional circumstances and couples will need to wash their hands after the exchange of rings.

Venues will be advised to keep a record of all visitors for 21 days, in case they need to be traced following an outbreak of coronavirus within the wedding party.Couples are also advised to keep their ceremonies as short as possible.

Reception Rules

Although Boris has given the go-ahead for weddings from Saturday 4th July, the government has still “strongly advised” that receptions after the ceremony do not take place.

However, if you are still planning a small wedding reception, only small celebrations will be permitted and you will need to adhere to strict guidelines. Only receptions made up of six people outside or two households inside will be allowed to take place.