8 New & Stunning Table Decor Ideas For Your Wedding This Year!

Most Indian weddings revolve virtually food, supplies and increasingly FOOD! So we understand that you want your supplies table setups nothing short of spectacular. Worry not, cos we’ve got some new and stunning table decor ideas to get inspired and copy!

My dear brides, to make your wedding decor planning a little easier, we’ve gathered some gorgeous table decor ideas that not only you, but your guests will moreover fall in LOVE with!

Stunning Table decor ideas – #1 Quirky Colour pop-ups

table decor ideas
Candy Pink!

Picture Courtesy: Bhawna Wedding Designer

Peppered with a myriad of snacks land hues and Japanese influences, we love this decor idea for stuff so much fun! Just perfect for destination wedding welcome brunch or mehendi or pool party you’ve planned. ????

indian wedding blog
Aesthetic best

Picture Courtesy: Riwaaz Rishte

If stimulating is your primal vibe, then this quirky table decor idea is everything with vibrant books, flowers, candles and increasingly on a pristine white table. Just right to patina up home events or day celebrations in your garden.

table decor ideas
Let the decor do the talking!

Picture Courtesy: Aash Studio

A world of color, for as far as the vision can see! This rainbow mehendi had it all – unique structures, fun sprawl elements, vivid part-way pieces and more. Every corner of this party is click worthy, isn’t it!

#2 Decor for the Vintage soul

indian wedding blog
Magical Affair

Picture Courtesy: Weddings Across

A gorgeous swish and luxe table setting in white and gold is perfect for an intimate wedding. Add rustic-style wooden details and candles for a tony and relaxed vibe ????

table decor ideas
Straight outta FAIRYTALE!

Picture Courtesy: Kamakshi Kothiwal , TWPC

If you are planning an outdoor intimate wedding event this winter season, then take a screenshot! This “make them finger rustic, bohemian, and magical” decor unprotected our fancy like none other????

indian wedding blog
Isn’t that just gorgeous!

Picture Courtesy: Altair , Horizon Wie

How warm and welcoming is a winter or spring wedding with these boho touches – wooden tables, comfy lawn chair seating, jute rugs, and truckloads of floral details to transform your yard wedding into insta level dreamy!

Under the Starry Lights!

table decor ideas
Larger than life!

Picture Courtesy: Aroosi Events , The Wedding House India

Be it your engagement dinner or reception cocktail, this wedding table decor idea is simply magical, elegant and oh-so-dreamy!

indian wedding blog
Lights doing all the talking

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto Events

A whole WATT of bulbs to squint up to? Who can say no to this fairytale dinner setup for a winter wedding with a whole lot of cheese, wine and fine dine!

table decor ideas
The night, The light & The shine

Picture Courtesy: Kalikaar Design

Not the outdoorsy kinda party? Take your love for chandeliers a step remoter with this floating candle chandelier with a touch of English flower vibe! Perfect, if you’re planning a formal refection dinner!

#4 Floral Table Decor

table decor ideas
Floral not so Floral

Picture Courtesy: Bhasin’s Luxury Weddings

How well-nigh your engagement dinner party with a trappy floral table setup like this, enhanced with colourful fresh flowers and more!

table decor ideas
Floral trails!

Picture Courtesy: Flowers Living

Cos there’s no such thing as too much flowers! Get creative with your outdoor table decor with a long floral trail, stunning candles and a refreshing centrepiece to awaken the senses.

table decor ideas
Floral dose

Picture Courtesy: Nazara Decor

Even if its an indoor event, this multi-colour hued floral and candles decor on a simple wooden table looks picture perfect!

Table decor ideas #5 – Sundowner Decor

indian wedding decor
Loving This Rustic Luxe Table Décor

Picture Courtesy: Facibeni Fotografia

Sundowners undeniability for some jazzy lighting, unconventional table layouts and fun decor elements like hanging fruits, cane baskets, charpoys, Moroccan lamps, colourful cushions, drapes and what not!

indian wedding decor
Total YJHD Vibes!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain & Company

Take cues from this sit-down mehendi function with fairy lights, Persian carpets, lamps, cushions and increasingly – lending lovely cozy vibes! ????

table decor ideas
Totally drooling over this glamorous piece!

Picture Courtesy: The Velvet Box

Fairy lights are trappy in any setting. Decorative lights will unchangingly be an element worth adding, whether they are used to complement cosy winter decor or to add a nice twist to a summery night-time function. So why not incorporate them into your table seating decor?

#6 Rattan Love

indian wedding blog
Out of a movie!

Picture Courtesy: Ila Malù

Rattan has made a major comeback, when it comes to wedding decor. It looks stunning and matches well with the much trending when to nature decor themes. Isn’t this floral paradise table decor straight out of a magazine!

table decor ideas
Minimal And Stunning

Picture Courtesy: F Six

Planning a rooftop event at your wedding? Trammels out this insanely amazing, boho-chic idea with rattan hangings and rose vines for some magical table decor inspiration!

#7 Keep it minimal

table decor ideas
Pink not so pink!

Picture Courtesy: Elusive Dreams Pooja

Sometimes, less is MORE! The muted pink and gold used in the decor here from chairs to shamiana to table reticulum add understated effervescence and elegance. A pot of artfully serried blooms is all those tables need to make guests finger welcome!

indian wedding blog
Simply gorgeous, right?

Picture Courtesy: TraMod Event by Atulya

This minimal vintage style table decor idea with wooden furniture and pristine whites is so trappy without any fuss!

table decor ideas
Such swish much wow!

Picture Courtesy: Bianca Events

Or trammels out how these gorgeous glass tables with gold stands, barstools and a pot of red roses says glam without much ado! Works perfectly for both day and night events.

#8 Royalty at its peak!

table decor ideas
To love & light

Picture Courtesy: Abhinav Bhagat Events

And of course, you can’t survive an Indian wedding season without going to at least one royal themed wedding! So here’s some royal table decor ideas with lots of lanterns, candles, royal prints, chandeliers, candelabras and rich china to get your guests awestruck.

indian wedding blog
Gold & White shining bright!

Picture Courtesy: Mary & Maurizio

Nothing beats a glam reception table setup in all white and gold. The unthrifty centerpieces, crystal hangings and mirrored gold interiors crate just the perfect regal vibe, don’t they!

table decor ideas
Blend ’em with elegance

Picture Courtesy: Ashwin Kireet Photography

With candles, chandeliers, and a New York-style table setting, this one will unchangingly be a winner considering it is sooooooo elegant and grand!

To be honest, each element of your wedding decor matters, whether it is the mandap or dinner tables or entrances – people unchangingly pay uneaten sustentation to details! So save your notes and Pin your favourites cos we’re sure these Table Decor Ideas will get you all sorted in no time ????

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