Date Night Ideas for Couples in Lockdown

Dating is a challenge at the best of times, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and it can feel almost impossible. However, in a world where it’s never been easier to connect with each other, there are still plenty of ways that you can feel the love with a date night during a lockdown.


Date Night Ideas During Lockdown

Whether you’re newlyweds in isolation together, a new couple navigating lockdown apart or recently engaged and just want to celebrate this time with some romantic indoor dates, we’ve compiled a handy list of date night ideas for couples in lockdown.

If you’re isolating with your partner….

Once upon a time, spending 24/7 with your other half may have sounded like a dream come true. However, without the excitement of your weekly date night, it’s possible that the romance might be dwindling. Luckily, Wedding Ideas have plenty of fun and easy date ideas for you and your partner to try from home.

  1. DIY Cocktail Making

It’s hard to remember after-work drinks without a sense of nostalgia, but these cocktail masterclasses might just make for the cheapest (and tastiest) happy hour ever. Mix and Twist offer free live online cocktail masterclasses, which take you step by step through their Latin Menu of rum and tequila. If you don’t have the equipment or ingredients, and fancy splashing out, you can invest in a ‘My First Masterclass’ box for £149.

  1. Comedy Gig Date Night

During these challenging times, it’s important to stay cheerful. And who better to turn to than your favourite comedian? Grab the popcorn, a bottle of wine, and turn down the lights as Netflix offers you live recordings of your favourite stand-up comedians.

  1. Aquarium

If you’re craving a change of scene, there are live streams from aquariums and zoos all around the world for you to choose from. For a colourful peek into the coral reef, tune into the National Aquarium’s live stream to see how these aquatic creatures are spending their time in lockdown. From the ‘Blacktip Reef’ to ‘Jellies Invasion’, there are endless aquatic world that you and your partner can marvel at tonight.

  1. Treasure Hunts

By now, you probably think you know every nook and cranny of your home. Put your partner to the test by planning a special treasure hunt for them; you’d be surprised by how many hiding places you’ll discover! Test how well you really know each other with romantic riddles, personality questions, and brainteasers to guide your partner from treasure to treasure. If you’re thinking about proposing, but struggling to plan the moment, this is a romantic and easy way to surprise your partner by hiding the ring as ‘hidden treasure’. There are plenty of other ways to pop the question during lockdown, and Wedding Ideas can help to inspire you. Read our top tips for proposing at home.

  1. Cooking Classes

If there’s one thing you finally have time to do now, it’s learn how to cook. There are tons of online cooking classes for you to choose from, but Matthew from BreadAhead offers daily opportunities to transform your kitchen into a patisserie. From brioche to banana bread, head over to @breadaheadbakery for a new lesson every day.

Not all couples will be quarantining together, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t schedule some romantic one-on-one time (even if it does take place through a screen). With endless ways to communicate, organise a video call and try out one of our ‘distance date night’ ideas.

  1. Supper surprise

It’s so important for us to support our local restaurants and food vendors while they have had to close their doors. Luckily for us, many of them have decided to offer a delivery service, so you can support your local cuisines from home. Do some research into which restaurants located near your partner are offering home delivery, while your partner does the same for you. Order each other dinner at the same time, and be surprised by what you receive. This one is a great way to see how well they know you!

  1. Stargaze (Together!)

Even if you’re miles apart, stargazing apps can make you feel a lot closer. SkyViewLite is a great one, as you just hold it to a night sky and it will identify the planets, constellations, and satellites that you can both see. It even reminds you of celestial events that you and your date can both step outside simultaneously to witness. If it’s a first date, learn each other’s birthdays and use the app to find their horoscope constellation.

  1. Quizzing

For the partners who have been separated for a while now, test each other’s memories with our Mr and Mrs Quiz. It’s not just for married couples either! From their biggest fear to your funniest memory, any couple can get to know each other to a deeper level with our romantic (and revealing) couples quiz.

  1. DIY Classes

Couples who learn together, stay together. Craft Courses are offering so many online DIY courses for you and your partner to get creative with during your time apart. Schedule a video call, and help each other to create something useful and wonderful while your stuck at home. As hand sanitiser is now a rare commodity, try out the DIY hand soap tutorial.